Jacob of Abbington Pickets

The first book in the Abbington Pickets series.

Jacob of Abbington Pickets is a moving story of loss, love, and faith set among the challenges of turn-of-the-century life on the Canadian Prairies. H. C. Hewitt provides a fascinating peek into rural and village life in this period as well as a glimpse of universal human experience in her poignant tale of virtue and redemption.

                                                                                                                 -Editor Mariah Carlsen


Jacob Hudson, a shy, handsome, talented young man, was born a farmer’s son near the small village of Abbington Pickets. Jacob has been keeping a terrible secret since he was eight years old. He is fearful of the one person he should be able to trust. Just when Jacob thinks he will never be able to follow his dream, he meets Abigail, a beautiful English girl with a chip on her shoulder. His heart falls wide open, but Abigail doesn’t give him the time of day. In order for Jacob to follow his dream, he has to make a difficult decision and live with the consequences. Follow Jacob’s compelling story of love, success, loss, and anguish, while his faith is tested over and over. Will Jacob ever forgive the one who has hurt him the most?

Listen to the First Chapter


  1. Could not have met a nicer author!
    Looking forward to your new book. It sounds like great reading. ( I will be first in line)
    Nice Blog.


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