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“I started the book and couldn’t put it down, it was so intriguing. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it.”

-Nadine Nicholls

“Jacob of Abbington Pickets is a moving story of loss, love, and faith set among the challenges of turn-of-the-century life on the Canadian Prairies. H. C. Hewitt provides a fascinating peek into rural and village life in this period as well as a glimpse of universal human experience in her poignant tale of virtue and redemption.”

  -Editor Mariah Carlsen

“I read the book in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. This is probably a very accurate portrayal of the pioneer times; the challenges faced, the values held. One fell in love with the characters. It was such a blessing to read this wholesome book. This shows that a book does not need foul language or unseemly acts to tell a fascinating and believable story. Corinne is a very good writer. She leaves one waiting and watching for her next book — books, hopefully!”

-Gwennie Simpson

“As I know Corinne, I picked up this book and eagerly read it cover to cover – in one sitting. I can see this book being something that school children would study and discuss the morals of the day and the life in that era. Promises meant something then. Honesty was the life bread of the community. Such a great portrayal of the day. I look forward to future works by Corinne. I’d love to hear more about Jacob’s life and his community.”

-Eileen Liddle.

“I truly enjoyed this book! It was a delightful read with a plot depicting interesting characters and wholesome values. It’s wonderful reading a novel published by a friend and I can’t wait for number two!”

-Barb Larson.

“Finally read your book this week. Loved it!! Great job girl!!!! Had me right from the beginning. Started late at night. Then finished it the next day. Was under the weather so was happy to just relax and read. Although anticipation is not that relaxing!! Haha! When is the next one coming?”

-Dianne Hutton.

“Just finished your book! It was AWESOME! When will the sequel be out? Thanks so much, I could envision everything you described.”

-Shelley Morgan

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  1. I have to say, Corinne Hewitt is my new favourite Author. Her books are so inspiring and holds your interest from beginning to the end. Once you start reading you won’t be able to put them down. Not only is she an amazing author but also an amazing person. Thank you Corinne Hewitt for being such a Blessing to your readers. ❤️

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  2. H.C. Hewitt is unlike any author I’ve read. The books in ‘The Abbington Pickets’ series are not at all predicable. I know which way I want the story to go, but then it takes a turn and I have to keep reading hoping it comes back to where I hoped it would! I’ve truly been blessed by this author 😉

    Betty Blackwell

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  3. I finished reading Letters From Jacob today. Ms.Hewitt did a wonderful job developing Abigail into a strong, capable woman. This is a great story about how a rural town survives during World War 1. About how the people pull together and how their faith keeps them strong during such hard times. A wonderful addition to the Abbington Picket series.


  4. I want to let people know if you haven’t read these books you are missing out, I couldn’t stop reading and now I can’t wait for the next one. I love the time frame and it’s so nice to find a book that can make you laugh, cry and touch your heart. Thank you Corinne you are an AMAZING AUTHOR and a wonderful person God Bless you as you write your next book.


    • Thank you very much for your beautiful words of encouragement, makes my heart smile and encourages me to continue to write! God has blessed me beyond measure, all the glory be to Him! Thank you again Linda!


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