Bible Study Companion for Jacob of Abbington Pickets


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Do you desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus?  Do you long to learn more about His word? This Scripture-based study is a companion to the novel Jacob of Abbington Pickets, A Journey of Forgiveness, which has strong biblical themes that arise as the story unfolds. Beginning with questions about the characters and moving on to focused topical studies, each chapter will have you digging deep into God’s word. Other features include Bible references for further study and group discussion questions. Read and study along with Karma and me as we guide you through a journey of forgiveness.
And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. – Mark 11:25

This Scripture-based study is a delightful way to learn and dive into what God’s Word teaches on love, salvation, and how to forgive. Corinne and Karma encourage you to overcome guilt, anger, and condemnation while progressing through the chapters of ‘Jacob of Abbington Pickets, A Journey of Forgiveness’ novel. Enjoyment, engagement, and enlightenment in one powerful study.

-Niccie Kliegl, author, coach and speaker
CEO Fulfilling Your Legacy
Alton, Iowa


“This beautifully written book introduces you to Jacob who experiences trials, loss and despair. His life is not unlike ours, nor are his responses. Jacob finds love, forgiveness and hope in the midst of some difficult circumstances. The companion Bible study leads you into exploring topics like fear, anger and forgiveness. The study draws you near to the heart of God in the midst of life’s trials and encourages us to respond to others in love.”

Nicky Armstrong, Youngstown, Alberta

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