Book Birthday!

Wow where has the time gone! A year has gone by since “Jacob of Abbington Pickets” was published! So proud! Well what should we do to celebrate? I know! A tea Party!

Join Abigail for an English cup of tea at our “Abbington Pickets Tea Party” in honour of the first year of my first novel! It’s been a wonderful journey and definite learning curve, but I wouldn’t have changed anything. I am currently working on the next book, which will continue Jacob’s life.

Abbington Tea Party.jpg

A unique purchase while on the Island

Another highlight was purchasing a new pen. Not just any pen however, but a fountain pen. While I was planning our trip to Victoria, I had in the back of my mind that it would be cool to buy a new fountain pen as a remembrance of the trip. I googled and found Pens Canada, an internet business that custom make fountain pens. They are located outside Nanaimo, B.C. We communicated by email and I was invited to come to their home to pick out a pen.



My daughter and I travelled to Nanoose Bay where we were warmly welcomed by Mike, Claire and their family. Mike explained how he makes the pens and why he decided to craft these beauties to sell on the internet. Mike gave me information on how to look after my new pen, and a certificate of authenticity. Each pen is unique. Mike also does custom orders. How cool is that? If you’re looking for a great, smooth writing pen, check out Mike’s website: After looking over the beautiful collection of custom made pens I finally made my choice. Can you guess which one I picked? It was a pleasure meeting Mike and Claire, and when I need a new pen I will definitely be shopping with them again.

pen4The beauty I chose.

Fibre Art Quilt Portraying Jacob at Goldenrod

Well now that my novel Jacob of Abbington Pickets has been released and my Book Launch has been done, I want to share with everyone my Fibre Art Quilt Portraying Jacob at Goldenrod Ranch.  I made this quilt last summer, knowing I would need to promote my up coming book. I had so much fun designing and stitching it. I am excited to start a new one, maybe adding another character to it!

I framed this beauty with an old frame I found at Salvation Army about 7 or more years ago. I have held on to it knowing I would put something special in it someday. The glass in it is beveled, which adds more character to the piece. I couldn’t take the picture with the frame and glass because of the glare the camera makes on the glass.  I did have it displayed on the table with the refreshments at my Book launch. You can see this quilt in person at my quilt shop: H. Corinne Hewitt Quilt Pattern & Fabrics in Hanna, Alberta.  image1

Goodreads Book Give Away!

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Jacob of Abbington Pickets

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Released November 27 2015

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The Book Launch!!!!

Well we did it! The book launch was fabulous! Many people came out on a foggy winter’s night to help celebrate the publication of my first novel. We began our program with the MC – Skip MacArthur welcoming everyone, along with telling everyone how we had met, then introducing myself, the author. I found myself saying my speech with great ease and not as much nervousness as I thought.
The MC then introduced Cathy Watts, a fellow quilter and a town councilwoman who spoke on behalf of the town of Hanna and presented me with a gift from the town, a beautiful pen set.
My good friend Lorraine MacArthur then read from my book, part of chapter three. She did an excellent job. She even made me want to read the book again! Lol.
Once the program was finished everyone lined up to retrieve a book!
There were “Jacob’s Tables” through out the store revealing aspects from the book. Each table “told” the story of each main character. The food and refreshments also came from the novel. Anna’s homemade lemonade, baking powder biscuits and cheese, gingersnaps and coconut cake. The decorated cake made by Joleen Scott was so amazing that some thought they were real books!
We had a special visitor as well 😉
All the books were pre-signed but I had the opportunity to personalize some of them for people.
The town of Hanna truly showed their support to this new author and I will always be grateful and appreciate being part of such an awesome community! My family and friend support to me is truly amazing! I am truly blessed!

If you haven’t already purchased my book you can through me (in which it will be a signed copy) at H. Corinne Hewitt Quilt Patterns & Fabrics or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You can also visit these websites:

thank yous


MC – Skip MacArthur

Lorraine reading from chapter three

Signing books

Jacob’s Table

Abigail’s Table

The beautiful cake, the titles on them are: Jacob of Abbington Pickets, The Tragedy (that was the title I used while writing the book), Gone with the Wind (one of my favourites), Who has seen the Wind (this movie was filmed in a small town ten minutes from where I grew up) and last, Fried Green Tomatoes (my favourite movie)

Anna’s homemade baking

This beautiful box was handcrafted by Curtis Benedict, it was made just for the Book Launch, but you will have to read the book to know it’s significance!

1900’s music came from this gramophone, just like the book

Signing books

Jacob made an appearance!

This table held the kits for Jacob’s Table, patterns for Jacob’s Table and the novels. The quilt they are sitting on is the new quilt pattern coming soon for the novel as well. The second out of four.



books 2


More decorations


The books have arrived!

That’s right, you read right! The books have arrived, just in time! One week left until the Book Launch! It’s been an wonderful journey and I can’t wait to show the world my finished accomplishment.  I have to say I am nervous and fearful, excited and fired up all at the same time.  Since I have never hosted a book launch before, I am flying by the seat of my pants. However I have planned a wonderful evening, an evening with special details, details that pertain to the book. Who knows, maybe even Jacob will make an appearance 🙂

I Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Invitations, Decorations and Book Launch Anticipation

Getting ready for a Book Launch is very exciting. Not to mention a lot of work! The invitations go out, the speech is wrote, the food is planned, there are decorations to consider, props or no props? balloons no balloons? and what kind of refreshments?  it’s not like you plan a Book Launch every year, but it does bring more creativity out in me.  Celebrating the first novel I ever wrote only happens once in a life time.

I found this table at a garage sale. I loved it at first sight! Although it needed a fair bit of work (thanks to my father in law) it was a beautiful table. I usually don’t paint wood but this piece seemed to need more help than a new brush of varnish. I decided to chalk paint it and “antique” it.  I stencilled the top with a small sign and writing on top. The legs on it have cast iron feet, which needed a little help as well, so with a little grinding and sanding (help from my father in law again lol) they look like new! I knew this little table would be perfect for promoting my new novel. You will be able to see this table and other props at the Book Launch, Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015.  Everyone is welcome!

If you would still like to pre-order for a signed copy of my novel, fill out the form below.

Book Launch Party Coming Soon!

I know, I know, I know. It feels like forever since I announced to the world that I wrote a novel and that it is being published. Believe me, it feels like a life time ago! We here at The Ponderosa, are having fun preparing for the big event. Writing lists, designing invitations, planning the snack and beverage menu, the list goes on and on.   It’s a once in a lifetime celebration and we want to get it right.  Stay tuned for the date of my book launch party, coming soon!C360_2015-11-14-16-20-39-771It’s not too late to pre-order! fill out the form below for your signed copy.


A sneak peak!!!

Here is one of the moments we all have been waiting for!!! Calm down, don’t get too excited, it’s not my finished novel!!! But it’s close! Here is the finished cover! I am so excited to share with you what my novel will look like!

JacobOfAbbingtonPicketsFrontCoverIf you haven’t pre-ordered for a signed copy, you can still do so by filling out the form below.