The Book Launch!!!!

Well we did it! The book launch was fabulous! Many people came out on a foggy winter’s night to help celebrate the publication of my first novel. We began our program with the MC – Skip MacArthur welcoming everyone, along with telling everyone how we had met, then introducing myself, the author. I found myself saying my speech with great ease and not as much nervousness as I thought.
The MC then introduced Cathy Watts, a fellow quilter and a town councilwoman who spoke on behalf of the town of Hanna and presented me with a gift from the town, a beautiful pen set.
My good friend Lorraine MacArthur then read from my book, part of chapter three. She did an excellent job. She even made me want to read the book again! Lol.
Once the program was finished everyone lined up to retrieve a book!
There were “Jacob’s Tables” through out the store revealing aspects from the book. Each table “told” the story of each main character. The food and refreshments also came from the novel. Anna’s homemade lemonade, baking powder biscuits and cheese, gingersnaps and coconut cake. The decorated cake made by Joleen Scott was so amazing that some thought they were real books!
We had a special visitor as well 😉
All the books were pre-signed but I had the opportunity to personalize some of them for people.
The town of Hanna truly showed their support to this new author and I will always be grateful and appreciate being part of such an awesome community! My family and friend support to me is truly amazing! I am truly blessed!

If you haven’t already purchased my book you can through me (in which it will be a signed copy) at H. Corinne Hewitt Quilt Patterns & Fabrics or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You can also visit these websites:

thank yous


MC – Skip MacArthur

Lorraine reading from chapter three

Signing books

Jacob’s Table

Abigail’s Table

The beautiful cake, the titles on them are: Jacob of Abbington Pickets, The Tragedy (that was the title I used while writing the book), Gone with the Wind (one of my favourites), Who has seen the Wind (this movie was filmed in a small town ten minutes from where I grew up) and last, Fried Green Tomatoes (my favourite movie)

Anna’s homemade baking

This beautiful box was handcrafted by Curtis Benedict, it was made just for the Book Launch, but you will have to read the book to know it’s significance!

1900’s music came from this gramophone, just like the book

Signing books

Jacob made an appearance!

This table held the kits for Jacob’s Table, patterns for Jacob’s Table and the novels. The quilt they are sitting on is the new quilt pattern coming soon for the novel as well. The second out of four.



books 2


More decorations


You’re invited to a BOOK LAUNCH PARTY!

Yaaaayyy! finally! I have a date for my Book Launch Party!!! It’s been a long road, but at last, the time is here to see all the hard work in print. I have so many mixed feelings anticipating this day. I am excited yet afraid, but the fear is not bad, it is a fear of the unknown and that is a good thing, right? So join me, my family and friends for this incredible evening event!